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Understanding Employee Leaves in UAE

Annual Leave

1. 30 days of each year with full wage upon 1 year in company
2. 2 days per month if tenure is between 6 months to 1 year.
3. Paid annual leave during the probationary period if allowed.
4. Leave carry forward leave in next year if allowed at business.
5. Holidays are included in the calculation of the annual leave period if they fall within the annual leave of the worker.
6. The employer may not prevent the worker from benefiting from his annual leave accrued for more than two years, unless the worker wishes to carry it forward or receive a cash allowance for it.
7. The worker shall be entitled to a wage for the accrued leave days if he quits and shall be calculated according to the basic wage.

Sick Leave

1. No paid sick leave during the probationary period; the employer can allow an unpaid leave.
2. After probation employee can avail 90 days continuous or intermittent sick leave in a year i.e. 15 Day full wage, 30 Days Half Wage and 45 Days unpaid.
3. No pay if the sickness resulted from the misconduct of the worker.
4. Employer may terminate the worker’s service after finishing his sick leave if he is unable to return to his work.

Maternity Leave

1. Maternity leave with 45 full wage and 15 half wage days.
2. Continuous or intermittent 45 unpaid leave days after the 60 days of paid maternity leave in
3. 30 Days Full paid and 30 Days Unpaid leave after maternity leave if the female worker gives birth to a sick child or a child of determination.

4. No employee termination because of the pregnancy.
5. After maternity leave upto 6 month a breastfeeding break for 1 hour in a day with 1 or 2 breaks.

Other Leaves

1. A bereavement leaves of five days, in case of death of the husband or wife, a three days in case of death of the parents, son, siblings, grandson, grandparents from the date of death;
2. 5 working Days Parental leave in six months of the birth.
3. Study leave for 10 days per year upon 2 year in company
4. Sabbatical paid leave for to perform the national service.
5. Unpaid leave with employer’s approval and which shall not be included in service term.
6. If the contract is terminated during leave the notice period starts after the leave end unless employee and employer agrees.

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